About me.

My name is Jeff Williams.

I've always been fascinated with the creative arts. For over 30 years, I have been a graphic designer, photographer, and voiceover artist. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities from Washington State University with a double minor in fine arts and communications. Quite frankly, I am somewhat obsessed with visual communications. It is my passion.

I love the challenge of real estate photography and videography. My goal is to create an emotional connection between the buyer and their prospective home. I believe that real estate photography is art. Every single image I make is done so with care and creativity.

I put my heart into every job, big or small. I am constantly investing in continuing education and I try to learn something new every day. I try to have gratitude in all things. I would love the opportunity to earn your business.

I am an FAA-licensed UAS Pilot. I am fully insured, and a proud member of the Professional Photographers of America.

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My kit.

While I firmly believe in the adage "skill in photography is acquired by practice and not by purchase," here is a partial list of the professional equipment I use:

- Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless Camera
- Canon RF 15-35 f/2.8 Lens
- Pro-Grade Digital™ SDXC, micro SDXC, and CF Express Cards.
- Pro-Grade™ High-Speed Workflow Readers
- Godox AD200 Pro Strobe, X2T Controller
- DJI Ronin 4D 4-Axis 6K Cinema Camera
- DJI RSC2 Gimbal with SmallRig accessories
- DJI Mavic 3 with Hasselblad Imaging System
- DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Hasselblad Imaging System
- Apple Mac Studio Workstation
- OWC Thunderbay 4 RAID Storage Array
- Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Audition software

As seen in Real Producers magazine

Real Producers Cover
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“Humbling.” That’s the way that Jeff Williams, owner of RealVue - Advanced Imaging for Real Estate describes real estate photography. “Quite frankly, I cannot think of any job I have ever had with so many moving parts. it’s a daily challenge, and I love it.”

Having been involved in the creative arts most of his adult life, Williams’ dedication to his craft, eye for detail, and heartfelt approach are uncommon. He was studying Fine Arts at Washington State University when he discovered his passion for photography. “I wasn’t a huge darkroom fan. I loved making photos, but not developing them… but the advent of digital imaging changed everything.”

Williams excelled in photography, graphic arts, communications, and related technologies while at WSU. As digital photography continued to evolve, so did Williams’ career, first as a freelance designer, and later highlights included work as Creative Director for minorleaguebaseball.com, then Northwest Dive News and Creative Director for northwestdiver.com.

Williams also pursued other lucrative business interests — through all of it, his background in design and photography was a determining factor in his successes. Then, life for Williams imploded; a difficult divorce and the subsequent death of his mother resulted in the decision to relocate from Washington to North Idaho.

The next chapter of his life involved several years of semi-retirement to recover and regroup. He bought and remodeled a home in Cave Bay overlooking Lake Coeur d’Alene, rebuilt old relationships and formed new ones, and most importantly — met the love of his life and remarried. His wife Rebecca has been a limitless source of support and encouragement, aiding in his decision to pursue his dreams of owning his own photography business: RealVue - Advanced Imaging for Real Estate.

Williams has taken the proverbial deep dive into his craft, combining his nearly 30 years of experience with new concepts, techniques, and thousands of dollars of new equipment. He has also poured countless hours of instruction and hands-on training into his work. Williams has also benefitted by building a close network of experienced professionals, including his mentor Len Catalanatto, an amazing photographer out of Mesa, AZ — and participating in master classes with Jonathan Corbett of Triad Real Estate Media out of Greensboro, NC. One thing that truly sets Williams apart is not only his appetite for quality images and video but also his personal and professional relationships. He is dynamic, authentic, and truly cares for the people around him. He wants the best for his circle and invests in the success of everyone he does business with.

“My goal with RealVue isn’t to dominate the market,” said Williams. “I’m more interested in quality over quantity and I want to create amazing, top-tier content for my clients. I’m also looking forward to building relationships with other photographers in the area. Some of the work here is quite good, and working in friendly competition with other creative artists will constantly improve my product as well. What’s the saying? ‘A rising tide lifts all boats?’ That’s exactly what I am interested in.” Williams even markets himself as a backup option for realtors who already have a relationship with other photographers. “I know I’m new to this market and I expect many realtors have existing relationships. I respect that. I want those people to know that I’d love to earn that business if they need a backup option. I may not be someone’s number one photographer, but I’m totally fine with being number two. I’m confident that when clients see the quality of my work and dedication to their customer service experience, success will follow.”

RealVue offers interior, exterior, and aerial (drone) photography and videography for real estate professionals in and around the Coeur d’Alene market. Jeff Williams can be reached via his website (realvuecda.com), by email, (jeff@realvuecda.com), through Facebook (facebook.com/realvuecda) and his contact card can be easily downloaded using the QR code you will find in his Real Producers advertisements and this article. Williams is an FAA-licensed commercial drone operator and a member of the Professional Photographers of America.

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Written by K.L. Rose, K.L. Rose Consulting

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Real Producers Cover
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“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs.”

- Ansel Adams -